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botique.ai Sets in Motion Its AI-Driven Chatbot Platform for Customer Experience Management

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Brands Can Now Automate and Facilitate Round-the-Clock Customer Service Through Popular Applications Such As Facebook Messenger 

botique.ai, an enterprise that specializes in Conversational Artifical Intelligence, is helping companies bolster their customer engagement channels. The company announced the launch of their brand-new AI-Powered ChatBot Platform, empowering brands to add intelligence and conversational features in their customer satisfaction initiatives. One of the key features of botique.ai’s platform is its ability to be ready for use within minutes of installation. The platform does not require a high level of technical expertise — the chatbot gets personalized, trained and deployed fairly quickly.

Businesses are struggling to provide services that meet the expectations of their customers. As competition grows, businesses increasingly realize that a big part of brand sustenance is optimum customer engagement. A newer era of shoppers demands that they get instant answers from the brands they engage with — channel agnostically. Chatbot technology is considered to be the panacea for brands to resolve all customer-centric problems. Although chatbots have been around, the technology per se is nascent. Chatbots need to be way smarter than they currently are to gratify customer expectations.

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This is where enterprises that want to adopt chatbots for their customer service engagements can leverage the botique.ai ChatBot Platform. It assures:

  • Smarter chatbots
  • Chatbots that align with business goals
  • Powerful AI algorithms to service end-to-end consumer lifecycle
  • Integration with a plethora of enterprise-level applications
  • Ability to infuse data into Big Data engines for valuable insights

botique.ai’s chatbot platform conveniently handles real-time customer queries. This allows enterprises to restructure consumer-facing ‘human teams’ that are otherwise tediously involved in:

  • Answering redundant consumer questions
  • Performing time-consuming and repetitive tasks
  • Providing customer delight

Chatbots are helping consumers self-serve through preferable channels and are simultaneously re-engaging dropped-off traffic and collecting leads.

Yoav Yanovski, CEO and Co-Founder, botique.ai, said, “The new ‘Chatbot as a Service’ platform enables businesses to deploy AI-powered chatbots for customer engagement in a few steps, without the need to write any line of code or dig into archived data and conversation history to train the AI. Even with no exposure to programming, businesses can easily deploy a natural language processing (NLP)-powered digital agent using our wizard, import and connect the business content, and publish the agent to a website or social media channel with a single line of code.”

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The platform is the golden middle between inexpensive non-AI powered chatbots, which are not up to the mark, and costly AI-embedded chatbots. This is because boutique.ai’s platform is a perfect confluence of pre-trained AI modules, NLP algorithms, and a very lucid interface.

“As one of the leading Conversational AI companies, botique.ai believes that both businesses and customers shouldn’t waste time or effort finding information about products or services, processing standard requests, or accomplishing simple tasks,” said Rajai Nuseibeh, Head of Marketing at botique.ai. “Thus, we made it our mission to develop the text-based AI-powered service, with the (pre-trained) NLP and NLU algorithms needed to understand users’ intents and provide the needed information, using a very simple user interface.”

AI is the backbone of this ’Question & Answer’ style of chatbot platform. Following are the distinguishing features of the platform:

  • Multilingual support
  • ‘QuickPredict’ – A features that help the platform quickly predict keywords and the subsequent answers
  • A detailed dashboard to customize and manage chatbots that are spread out in several areas of the application
  • The platform can import data elements and also edit this data
  • Easy access to Live-Chat so that ‘human-agents’ can quickly and efficiently take over from chatbots in critical scenarios
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Botique.ai has ushered in a fantastic chatbot platform with its core as a powerful AI-engine and the body composed of scalable interface components.

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