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AdTheorent Launches Platform for Targeted Advertising to In-Market Customers

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AdTheorent, a New York-Based AdTech Firm Launches an Innovative Method to Target In-Market Individuals and Their Social Groups

Data providers are going beyond collecting information about backdrops and behaviours of individuals. They are now mapping the social equation of an individual with his or her roommates, friends, relatives, peers etc.

Advertising technology firm AdTheorent has developed a platform to leverage this social graph for advertising use by launching a unique relationship targeting model.

Matt Groner SVP of Product Management and Business Intelligence at AdTheorent stated that“AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map is uniquely able to map devices to a physical location, which allows us to identify and reach family members and co-habitants. AdTheorent’s Relationship Targeting is an exciting opportunity for advertisers to leverage group influence through real-world relationships to further drive results for their brand.”

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For example, recognizing a device’s use with the same IP at a certain time might be in the same household. These devices may also belong to the same family that lives in this household. Additional IPs entering in this vicinity indicate devices that may belong to friends, relatives, peers etc. These inter-relationships are being mapped by Artifical Intelligence(AI). AI analyses this data and assesses it from sources like—

  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Mobile location tracking
  • Purchase data

AdTheorent confirms that it has access to-

  • 740 million unique device addresses tagged in 92 million US households
  • Recognizing 1.3 trillion connections

AdTheorent presented a use case of an (unnamed) AdTech firm that specializes in automotive advertising. They are leveraging this technology to increase the top-funnel consideration of car buyers.

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How Does It Work?

Optimized relationship targeted ads were achieved in the pre-mapped social circles of the in-market customer. They were categorized as in-market consumers because they were actively visiting websites of car brands or places where they can research on cars. Users were tracked down till their homes but their identities were not revealed.

The concept behind this is advertising to groups of in-market customers who may mention automobile related info to this group, that are also potential buyers. Groner confirmed that advertisements were designed as positive brand messages.

The results were outstanding. In-market users with six or more pre-identified connections that were advertised outperformed the desired outcomes by 33%. This was compared with in-market shoppers that had zero to one recognized connections.

The difference in AdTheorent’s technology, Groner said, is that other AdTech firms are trying to extract data from Social Media only. Hence, mapping relationships become ambiguous because not all people added to an individual’s Social Media are actual friends.

Groner also said that few AdTech companies focus on broad-brush IP address targeting. This is in contrast with AdTheorent’s relationship mapping that derives data out of several sources and maps it via AI. This results in understanding social graphs to a whole new level.

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