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Bedrock Markets Launches Digital Banner Ads – Effective Targeted Animated Advertising

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Bedrock Markets launched their Digital Banner Ads program that provides real market strategies and methods that have proven helpful to businesses in attracting high-quality leads.

Banner Ads get people’s attention. A well-designed banner with eye-catching graphics and informational text will do more than just get the clicks – it will also improve company search results.

Many people do not know that we have the capability to build a virtual perimeter around a specific geographic location, such as a retail store, to deliver a laser focused targeted ad. Bedrock Digital Banner Ads harness the power of location based radius marketing through Geofencing.

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With the latest advanced technology, Digital Banner Advertising allows marketing to the specific IP addresses you want to target. Bedrock Markets has the capability of matching physical addresses to the IP addresses guaranteeing that advertisements will show up on the digital devices specific to that address. All marketing dollars are allocated to the demographic of your target audience resulting in zero ad spend waste

The industry standard for banner ads tends to be static clickable ads with no movement. Bedrock Markets utilizes advanced technology which animates these ads into 3 or 4 visually captivating slides, branded with your company’s logo and colors, which garners attention and keeps the interest of the viewer. Animated ads increase conversion rates by 59% and get the clicks that lead to sales.

Attractive Digital Banner Ads are the quickest way to attract attention to a business, and they are affordable. Bedrock Markets has a program for every budget.

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